Pretty Girl (special edition)
Artist: KARA
Released: 2009.02.12
Album Tracks:
1. Honey
2. What Is This (Plastic Ver)
3. Pretty Girl (Bunny Ver)
4. Good Day Season 2

Bonus Tracks:
5. Pretty Girl (School Rock Ver)
6. Honey (Ad Lib ver)

I was supposed to review Pretty Girl when it was released… oops.

So this is like a re-release of Pretty Girl or something but idrk and cbb to find out. After gaining popularity with Pretty Girl Kara are back to promote a song from that mini album – Honey and it gets it’s own special release (? idk, no research, w.e) with other of their remixed songs.

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U-KISS – I Like You MV

So what happened to you AI? IDK, I used to like writing reviews because I had nothing to do all day but school is back and I stalk 2PM 24/7 and, long story short – we’ll do what we can.

U-KISS! My favourite fail, man, I love it how they make me laugh so hard, so freaking hard. I Like You was not an exception to the rule. Welcome to U-KISS’ comeback to the world of “Luxury Vintage something or rather style”

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SNSD Gee – Mini Album

After a 9 month hiatus, the 9 member girl band Girls’ Generation have returned with a mini album with their number one song Gee. The album consists of 5 tracks, including Gee, Way to go, Dear Mum, Destiny and Lets talk about love.
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2008 in review [evee]

‘Cause this is the last day of 2008 I’m going to write some stuff about 2009 as well because
1. I couldn’t think of what to write
2. I have stuff to spazz about in 2009
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2008 in review [Selinaa]

So woah, 2008 has flew by way too fast. I’ve barely had time to do everything that I’ve wanted to do this year (i.e, watching MANY dramas) but I’m actually glad that a new year is approaching and for a time to redeem myself
for what I have sinned – NOT WRITING ENOUGH FUCKING REVIEWS THIS YEAR. THERE. I said it. This sin has haunted me for a couple of months now and karma is here cause I’m stuck in what I should be writing for this “Year in review”.

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2008 in review [ginina]

If I had my way all the time all my reviews would turn out into my LJ posts which in turn are full of fail since I sometimes don’t know what I’m typing about. This will be shorter then Mary’s essay since I got capped talking to her on msn last night – Less text and more pictures. (HAH! I lasted 8 days more then you.)

2008 has been eventful especially for me. Lots of asian going on.

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2008 in review [mooray]

Because I’m lacking creativity on how to present my end of year post I’ll just do a countdown of my 8 favourite things of the year. 8 for ’08? Man am I witty or what? There’s no better way to end a year than a tl;dr post.

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