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‘Cause this is the last day of 2008 I’m going to write some stuff about 2009 as well because
1. I couldn’t think of what to write
2. I have stuff to spazz about in 2009


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So woah, 2008 has flew by way too fast. I’ve barely had time to do everything that I’ve wanted to do this year (i.e, watching MANY dramas) but I’m actually glad that a new year is approaching and for a time to redeem myself
for what I have sinned – NOT WRITING ENOUGH FUCKING REVIEWS THIS YEAR. THERE. I said it. This sin has haunted me for a couple of months now and karma is here cause I’m stuck in what I should be writing for this “Year in review”.


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For the record…

… we’re going on a “semi-hiatus” for the next 2 or 3 or so weeks because our exams are like… tomorow and we would like to actually pass.

For the record, semi-hiatus means different things for different people and for me it means “draft reviews, don’t finish them and check the site every hour instead of every ten minutes” but I’m sure others would like quiet study time.

So see you when we see you and wish us luck, NO, all luck must be wished onto me!

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Here, have a long-haired Hong Ki

Sorry if I don’t review anything within the next few weeks, I’m not going away on hiatus – my external hard drive just went faulty on me. Pretty much I have very few things burnt out and my external had ~ 300gb of stuff on it so yes, it’ll take a while to rebuild all that and I feel like doing nothing but moping around.

Personal crisis, it’s okay if you don’t care. Well, I might do some music reviews since all my music is still intact.

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Oh look what we’ve done!

Your favourite website has reached one year old, that’s right ONE whole year. If you didn’t enter our competition YOU SUCK, you didn’t get the awesome cool prize which was by the way a voucher for Yes Asia, sucks to be you losers! Doesn’t that give you can incentive to enter next time*? Well, because you didn’t enter you can make up for it by celebrating with us!

*We sort of knew nobody was going to enter.

Will be TL;DR, blame me for being overly sentimental but read on plox

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Okay gaiiz, who else is pumped?

Right now the views of The Asian Invasion are 99,932 – THAT’S RIGHT, almost 100,000 100 000 as of 7.32pm EST 2nd June 2008 (and in which both the admins sadly printscreened) so this is the perfect opportunity to announce a few things including:

1. A COMPETITION (with prizes)


Head to our special page regarding the competition!



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Review in staff

Wow, staff, we seem so professional but in this office I am SOOO Dwight, Assistant to the Regional Manager, OHH YEH (sorry, The Office is back, I’m in the mood)

Anyway, as the title suggests we will be having a review in our writing staff starting instantly. Sakitata and citrus will not be writing anymore because they never did a post, yeh, Saki is our second School Rumble enthusiast but she is not bothered and Citrus wasn’t even very Asian and she’s over it.

Our new writer is (the suspense is killing me):


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