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Wow, I have not posted on A.I for almost a month and a half! Yet the review I decide to do is only a MV review but hopefully there shall be many more reviews this month from me.



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I’ve finally found time to watch the first episode of Moonlight Resonance. Heart Of Greed captivated me and I hoped Moonlight Resonance would as well. Following the hype and popularity of HOG, MR uses a similar A-lister cast and a similar storyline to start a fresh and try to live up to it’s sister series.

Full review here

Screen caps from the themevideo :D


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Oh look what we’ve done!

Your favourite website has reached one year old, that’s right ONE whole year. If you didn’t enter our competition YOU SUCK, you didn’t get the awesome cool prize which was by the way a voucher for Yes Asia, sucks to be you losers! Doesn’t that give you can incentive to enter next time*? Well, because you didn’t enter you can make up for it by celebrating with us!

*We sort of knew nobody was going to enter.

Will be TL;DR, blame me for being overly sentimental but read on plox

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Okay gaiiz, who else is pumped?

Right now the views of The Asian Invasion are 99,932 – THAT’S RIGHT, almost 100,000 100 000 as of 7.32pm EST 2nd June 2008 (and in which both the admins sadly printscreened) so this is the perfect opportunity to announce a few things including:

1. A COMPETITION (with prizes)


Head to our special page regarding the competition!



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I’ve been lacking numerous posts these days so I wanted to post this up before I get caught up and suffocate with schoolwork. BTW guys, did you notice this is our second best month? Why, because apart from the first month that A.I started (July 2007), this has been our second month with the most amount of reviews. Kay, shall review a new C-pop group that has recently surfaced – Super Junior M.

Artist: Super Junior M
Released: 23/4/2008

  1. Charm (Me)
  2. U (remake of “U”)
  3. At Least There’s Still You (remake of “At Least There’s Still You“)
  4. You Are My Miracle (Miracle) (remake of “Miracle”)
  5. Love You Love You (Love Song)
  6. I Hug Myself (In my Arms)
  7. Don’t Don (remake of “Don’t Don”)
  8. Marry U (remake of “Marry U”)
  9. My Half (Full of Happiness) (remake of “Full of Happiness“)
  10. Thirst (A Man In Love) (remake of “Thirst (A Man In Love)”)
  11. This Second (The Moment)
    12. The One

Super Junior-M is Super Junior’s third official sub-unit after Super Junior-K.R.Y and Super Junior-T, and debuted in China on April 8, 2008 with the release of their first promotional single, “U”, a Mandarin remake of Super Junior’s 2006 best-selling Korean single, “U.” The album was recorded in Korea and took over three months to complete. Henry, a new addition to Super Junior-M, contributed in the album with violin instrumentals while Zhou Mi, also a new addition to the group, composed the lyrics of three tracks.

Track three is a cover of Sandy Lam’s song of the same title, while track twelve is a composition dedicated to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Five tracks in the album are remakes of Super Junior’s previous popular Korean singles.

迷(Me) is the first studio album by C-pop boy band Super Junior-M. Me will hit CD stores in various provinces in China starting April 23, 2008 and Taiwan on May 2, 2008. The album will be released in South Korea on April 30, 2008, which includes three bonus Korean tracks. Different versions of this album will be distributed in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and other Asian countries.


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Recently, I’ve been watching The Seventh Day on tv (half watched now) and I couldn’t help but post about the themesong’s MV. It’s just so looks so tragically beautiful. It looks perfect…suits the drama really well.
I will review the drama once I’ve finished watching it.


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