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‘Cause this is the last day of 2008 I’m going to write some stuff about 2009 as well because
1. I couldn’t think of what to write
2. I have stuff to spazz about in 2009


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S.H.E. have finally returned to the public eye with a new album after a year and so many months after that since their last released S.H.E Play. The girls have called their album FM S.H.E to emphasise their future activities as radio DJs and the album consists of songs with a lots of electronic beats but most definitely a new a quirkier side of the girls.

Title: 我的電台 FM S.H.E
Tracks: 15
Released: 23rd September 2008
01 早安您好
02 我愛煩惱
03 宇宙小姐 (達芙妮廣告曲姐妹作)
04 沿海公路的出口
05 天亮了
06 比你賤 (featuring 周定緯)
07 喜碧夫人時間
08 女孩當自強 (Top Girl 年度廣告曲)
09 安靜了
10 我是火星人
11 612星球
12 店小二
13 熬夜DJ
14 月光手札
15 酸甜 (蒙牛酸酸乳廣告曲) – S.H.E/飛輪海


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S.H.E. from debut till now have been well known for their uniqueness, and therefore without a doubt that after 7 years together this next release would not be any different. S.H.E. have come back with their 11th album title Miss Universe without a doubt fans will see a new and refreshing side of S.H.E.

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Oh look what we’ve done!

Your favourite website has reached one year old, that’s right ONE whole year. If you didn’t enter our competition YOU SUCK, you didn’t get the awesome cool prize which was by the way a voucher for Yes Asia, sucks to be you losers! Doesn’t that give you can incentive to enter next time*? Well, because you didn’t enter you can make up for it by celebrating with us!

*We sort of knew nobody was going to enter.

Will be TL;DR, blame me for being overly sentimental but read on plox

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Okay gaiiz, who else is pumped?

Right now the views of The Asian Invasion are 99,932 – THAT’S RIGHT, almost 100,000 100 000 as of 7.32pm EST 2nd June 2008 (and in which both the admins sadly printscreened) so this is the perfect opportunity to announce a few things including:

1. A COMPETITION (with prizes)


Head to our special page regarding the competition!



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Our entries per month has decreased alot since we started out (check the archives section) so before February April (yes, this post has been in the draft section for quite awhile) ends I hope to bring up another review..we have a good excuse for the lack of reviews this month, Feb is the shortest month in the whole year! oh and i’m busy creating a new site now haha :P No, excuses now, it’s the holidays LOL and I’ve been slacking off on posts.

Show your dance (album)
Artist: Show Luo
Released: 16/11/2007
1. Showtime
2. When we are together
3. I cannot sing
4. Defeat in love
5. Love no-go’s
6. Do it well
7. Lipodustrophy
8. Keyman
9. The lock on your heart
10. Gentleman like manner
11. I dance, therefore I am

The album contains 11 tracks, with “Showtime” being the main hit promoted. There are several breakthroughs in this studio album including “Defeat In Love” being a cross-company duet with Elva Hsiao and “Keyman” being Show’s first try in composing the tune for an up-tempo song. Show Your Dance debuted at number one and held it for two weeks, later falling to #2 behing Cyndi Wang’s Fly! Cyndi.


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Recently, I was looking through a bunch of top 10 songs on some chinese chart and came across Qi Zai by S.H.E. So being the fan that I am I decided to check out their MV….(and another excuse not to write a review, but I’m at least writing something on top of the truckload of school work I have)


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