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Pretty Girl (special edition)
Artist: KARA
Released: 2009.02.12
Album Tracks:
1. Honey
2. What Is This (Plastic Ver)
3. Pretty Girl (Bunny Ver)
4. Good Day Season 2

Bonus Tracks:
5. Pretty Girl (School Rock Ver)
6. Honey (Ad Lib ver)

I was supposed to review Pretty Girl when it was released… oops.

So this is like a re-release of Pretty Girl or something but idrk and cbb to find out. After gaining popularity with Pretty Girl Kara are back to promote a song from that mini album – Honey and it gets it’s own special release (? idk, no research, w.e) with other of their remixed songs.



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This time we’re tackling things a little differently from what we did last year since… we feel like it?

Moving on – the order we decided to do this whole feature in was decided randomly and by random I mean picking from a hat so every day leading up to the fateful day of new years we’ll be having one authors thoughts on how Asian they were this year written however they want to and I’m lax enough to let them do so.

The order you should be anticipating is:
28th- Me, yes, wth indeed, I picked myself first randomly
29th- Ginina
30th- Selinaa
31st- Evee, lucky girl

Look forward to it? Maybe?

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I seem to be doing this a lot – but screencaps later

How long has it been since my last first impressions post? Too long? Actually it’s been a while since my last post (Almost 2 weeks is long) in general.

Oh! My Girl!! was touted my most anticipated drama for Autumn 08. While it didn’t live up to the high expectations I set the drama’s got its merits and it’s good to say that I liked the first episode and actually wanted to watch more. The first sign of Mary wanting to watch a drama is her watching the previews and I did that with O!MG!! (keke, OMG).


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Sayounara AI~


Minna genki?

LOLs that was purely for annoyance, which I think I should be famous for by now. And my extensive cross of Japanese and English = Japanglish? Yeah I know this post is starting off really randomly… And you’re probably thinking; get to the point already nee? Hai hai, well, how do I put this…?



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EEK computer crashed and now i have to start again *mukatsuku* arghhh. well this single is okay i guess. NEWS honestly have never had a perfect single. then again. i have never come across the perfect single yet so blehh. i wanted to do DBSK’s mirotic but you all probably know now…

i HATE HATE HATE HATE low quality covers


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Moonlight Resonance

Recently finished watching Moonlight Resonance and wow, this series has received the highest rating in TVB (a peak of 50 points!!)

Main cast: Louise Lee, Ha Yu, Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan etc
Broadcasting period: July 28, 2008 – September 21, 2008
Genre: Modern Drama
Episodes: 40
Theme song:無心害你” by Susanna Kwan
Ending theme song: 愛不疚” by Raymond Lam


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Okay gaiiz, who else is pumped?

Right now the views of The Asian Invasion are 99,932 – THAT’S RIGHT, almost 100,000 100 000 as of 7.32pm EST 2nd June 2008 (and in which both the admins sadly printscreened) so this is the perfect opportunity to announce a few things including:

1. A COMPETITION (with prizes)


Head to our special page regarding the competition!



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