2008 in review [Primer post]

This time we’re tackling things a little differently from what we did last year since… we feel like it?

Moving on – the order we decided to do this whole feature in was decided randomly and by random I mean picking from a hat so every day leading up to the fateful day of new years we’ll be having one authors thoughts on how Asian they were this year written however they want to and I’m lax enough to let them do so.

The order you should be anticipating is:
28th- Me, yes, wth indeed, I picked myself first randomly
29th- Ginina
30th- Selinaa
31st- Evee, lucky girl

Look forward to it? Maybe?



I haven’t been updated with anything the past week so I only saw this today. SQUEEEEE, HENNEY HENNEY HENNEY HENNEY! Yes, he’s looking good here, better than his scruffy look earlier this year. Okay, that’s not all I’m excited for: WOLVERINE! (and Gambit) I remember the days where I used to be a huge X-men fan (not the Korean X-man, though I am a fan) before the days I was a fan of Asia.

Still, nothing takes away the fact that Henney looks pret-ty hot in the trailer.

EXILE – Last Christmas

In a lame attempt to resurrect this website I’m going to go overboard with Christmas reviews this week!


Artist: EXILE
Released: 2008.11.26
1. Last Christmas
2. Last Christmas instrumental

Last Christmas must be my favourite Christmas song ever, I don’t even know why (plus, it’s a Karaoke staple). EXILE covers Wham’s popular Christmas song Last Christmas in Japanese. Last Christmas is EXILE’s 29th single and from what I gather it was a one week limited release (but correct me if I’m wrong) as BALLAD BEST was coming out the next week.

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Dragonball Evolution Trailer

This flashy movie will be coming out in cinemas in 2009 in March.

I still dont get why they couldnt use more asians in the movie and Goku = White? I DONT THINK SO. I  have always been a loyal Dragon Ball Fan with myself watching all the seasons. Master Roshi isnt a old perverted man anymore and Bulma doesnt have her trademark blue hair. Will Goku still get married to  Chi-Chi and have kids Gohan and Goten? A least Picollo is still green.

U Turn (Drama/CF)

U-turn starring So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee is a considered to be a drama but at the same time an advertisement (CF) for an automobile. The series would possibly be about 20 minutes long all together but has been separated into four 5 minute episodes.
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FT Island – The One PV

“All the things that I would do~”

FT Island are back with a Japanese single, the song has some pretty cute lyrics, sort of like those lovey-dovey type of songs perfect for confessions of such. Though there’s a catch – the song is a Japanese Release but it’s in English.
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SHINee Amigo MV

After winning over the hearts to Noona’s with their song Noona is very pretty then going onto songs like You’re like oxygen. SHINee have finally shown some versatility – SHINee presents AMIGO with a very different feel from their first album overall. Something new from the boys and refreshing most definitely suits SHINee and Amigo.
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