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We is an orchestra lulz

Nodame Cantabille, i.e the only single Japanese drama that ever threatened Nobuta wo Produce’s position as my number one drama.

Nodame Cantabile is a live action drama adaption of the popular manga by Tomoko Ninomiya that became in a hit in not only Japan but all over Asia with an average TV rating of 18.79%, 5 Japan Accademy Drama Awards and 3 Seoul Drama Awards under it’s belt.


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From the official website

While surfing around Drama Wiki I found good news. A Nodame Cantabile special taking place in Paris after the original is to air next January as a two night special. Nodame and Chiaki’s actors will stay the same and there will be new characters as well. YAY! I’m a huge fan of the Nodame series (especially drama) so this is a very pleasant surprise for me. I’m just wondering how they will interact with non-Japanese people or if everyone in France is going to suspiciously speak Japanese. It boggles the mind, I just hope it stays somewhat faithful to the manga. Yes another cheap post while I wait impatiently for more news.

Tokyograph | Ofiicial website

P.S. I watched Yamada Taro Monogatari and it ROCKS (not only because of Nino and Sho) but I’ll post on that tomorrow

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